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Our Vendors

Slaybaugh Associates, Inc. represents a full range of food products in the food service arena.  We continue to look for synergies between our vendor's products and our operators.  Please see below the list of packers and their products we represent.

Bar Mixes (Major Peters), Wing Sauces & Dressings, 

Apple Products, Pie Fillings, Cheese Sauces, & Puddings.  Brands include Lucky Leaf & Musselman's.  A Pennsylvania Preferred Company.

Variety of unique chocolate and cracker confectionery and snack products including HELLO PANDA™, YAN YAN™ and CHOCOROOMS®

California Ripe Olives, Spanish Green & Black Olives.  Brands include Lindsay Olives.

Extensive mix of Yeast Products and Baker's Ingredients.  Brands include Saf and Red-Star.

High-quality Asian Natural Crabmeat including Colassal, Jumbo, Backfin, Special & Claw.

California "Fresh Packed" Tomatoes: purees, diced, juice, salsa, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, marinara & more.  Peaches, Apricots, Northwest Pears, & Fruit Mixtures (Fruit Cocktail, Fruit Mix, & Fruit for Salad).  Brands include:  Gangi, Paradiso, Mission Pride, Paradiso, & Harvest Red.

Variety of non-perishable Imported Canned Fruits, Vegetables, & Seafood Products.  Brands include Premium Brand, & Port Royal Brand.

High quality fresh, frozen, cooked and smoked "old world style" ethnic sausage,specialty sausage, and sausage related products.

High quality, artisanal pasta and sauces

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